Child Custody Services in Mobile, AL

Custody of Child - Attorney Services in Mobile, AL
Michael McNair Law Firm tailors individual child custody services to each of their clients. Mr. McNair has years of experience in child custody matters. Our firm has experienced a variety of different child custody situations. Your situation may call for a petition for sole custody or attempt to obtain joint custody. Mr. McNair has a great deal of experience with grandparents seeking custody as well. Mr. McNair will make every effort to assist you in making an agreement in a case without the necessity of a court battle, this includes negotiating with opposing attorney and mediation. Mr. McNair needs the following information in order handle each unique child custody situation:
  • Current child custody order if any.
  • Is there is a marriage involved
  • Reasons and evidence for initial custody or custody modifications
  • And more
Mr. McNair will guide you through the process
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