Social Security Disabilities in Mobile, AL

"Can you help me qualify for disability benefits?"
"How much will it cost me?"
Michael McNair Law Firm helps you when you have been injured and unable to work. Mr. McNair knows this time can be particularly stressful trying to make ends meet financially. For people who qualify, the Government offers Social Security Disability programs and Mr. McNair will help you enroll in one of them. Mr. McNair will explain the law requirements and guide making sure you consult with the appropriate doctors and medical specialist, to help justify your case for receiving Social Security Disability. We will not charge you an attorney fee if we fail to win your case. You don't have to worry about the cost involved because federal law states that attorney's fee is recovered as a percentage awarded to a client. Since federal law indicates attorneys' fees must be recovered as a percentage of any amount awarded to a client, you don't have to worry about the cost involved. Call us today for more information at 251-450-0111. Located in Mobile, AL.
We help you with the following:
  • Request for hearing by an administrative law judge
  • Appeal to the appeals counsel
  • Resolution of the matter in federal court