Tax Problems in Mobile, AL

We all know the scariest piece of mail you receive is a letter from the IRS. Usually, this letter contains information letting you know you are being audited or that you owe money. Make sure when dealing with these issues that you have an attorney by your side that you can trust. Let Michael McNair Law Firm help you through this process. Mr. McNair will take a look at your case and go over all options with you for the most desirable outcome. He has 37 years of experience helping clients with IRS tax litigation and controversies. He assists his clients with federal, state and local tax matter. He also has experience in other types of Alabama taxes, including business privilege tax, sales and use taxes, and ad valorem taxes. If necessary, he will represent his clients in administrative and judicial proceedings, which includes the United States Tax Court. If you having any tax or IRS issues or questions call Mr. McNair today at 251-450-0111. We serve and are located in Mobile, AL.

We can help with the following

  • Personal income taxes
  • Back payroll taxes
  • Other types of business tax


Getting audited or assessed? Get an expert on your side. Michael McNair Law Firm can help you through this process. Mr. McNair has the knowledge and experience to help you with taking on the IRS and other tax agencies. He has many years of experience in tax matters and will educate and advise you on how to best prepare for potential audits. Mr. McNair defends his clients while facing the IRS, and if it is in the best interest of the client he will take the case to trial. If you need help with the IRS call us today at 251-450-0111. Our firm is located in Mobile, AL.


We can help with the following tax related issues and disputes:
  • IRS
  • State revenue
  • Income tax
  • Payroll tax
  • Tax court
  • Sales tax
  • Offer in compromise
  • Payment plans
  • And more